Saturday, 13 June 2015

Looking After My Lovely Nieces


Today is rainy and dark but I'm feeling blessed. I have spent the day taking care of my beautiful nieces. One is 6 and one is nearly 2 and they are so sweet. The 6 year old doesn't like having her photo taken so I didn't even try, but the younger one LOVES to see pictures of her self bless her. She giggles when I show her them one my phone and stares at them for ages, scanning the screen with her eyes. She even tries to say her own name when she sees them, it makes me melt! I have had a terrible case of baby fever for a while now and a combination of working in the baby room of a nursery and having lots of young nieces and nephews makes it even stronger! I just love having them in the apartment and taking care of them. We have made collages, done some drawing, eaten lots of toast and watched Cinderella, just perfect for a rainy day!

The younger one napping on me while we watched Cinderella.

Enjoying her cheese savouries while she watches TV!

My toy basket (full of my old childhood toys, ready for when the little ones come round!)

Playing with my Russian Dolls!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Summer is Here


As usual we've been ridiculously busy recently, but it's nice to take a break and look back at what we've been up to over the last few weeks. The sun is shining again here and the garden has sprung back into life. We've been doing some moving around in the apartment and redecorating (as much as we can in a rental). We're half way through chalk painting the majority of our mismatched old furniture to make the place look a bit more coordinated and bright. I will be sure to upload pictures when it's all finished.

Our half-finished rocking chair!

A lovely bottle of lemonade that we found at our local farm shop on a summery Saturday.

Sunny days spent doing laundry and housework.

Our green bushy herbs.

Pretty flowers foraged from our garden.

Our herbs, tomato and strawberry plants are growing nicely.