Thursday, 19 March 2015

Our Weekend Away Visiting Family

We're all packed up to go and visit our family this weekend. It has recently been my lovely Mum's birthday and also my little sister Lucy's 19th birthday so we're going to see them to bring them their gifts and celebrate!

It's also Dene's little sisters birthday party on Saturday. They are beautiful twin girls turning 6 and they are having a big party with lots of people in the local village hall - we're really looking forward to it. I've made my first ever bunting for the party also, it's really simple lace bunting (I made it up as I went along and used what we had in the house so it's not perfect but I enjoyed making it and I think it looks okay!).

After work today Dene and I got straight to work baking! We had prepped the pastry the night before in the fridge and tonight we rolled it and formed our creations. I made Jam tarts with home made gooseberry jam and Dene made little Mexican style savoury bites. We do love to bake together, it's nice to have lots of people to bake for also!

Here are our creations for the weekend so far! (we're baking more in the morning!)

                                         Pre-bake creations.

                                          The finished jam tarts.

                                 My lace bunting (before I decided to iron it!)

                                         Dene making his Mexican bites!

Visit Dene's lovely Mum's blog to see more about his wonderful family and their idyllic lifestyle.


  1. Can not wait to see your wonderful makes Ellie for the party, thank you so much.
    See you soon.
    Fondly Michelle

  2. Dear Eleanor, I would be charmed with proving these delicious pastry, they have very good aspect, you are an artist with the oven.
    His cards are precious. Mary Carmen.