Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter Weekend


Once again it has been a busy time! We had a wonderful Easter weekend visiting both of our Families. We went to visit my Dad in Southend-on-sea on Good Friday, One of my sisters and her husband and son came along too and Dene made everyone a fabulous roast dinner - unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it! I was too hungry! After dinner we went to a lovely old fashioned steam fair, it was beautiful. All the rides were powered by steam exactly as it used to be. I went on the merry-go-round with my lovely nephew Mikey. 

My nephew Mikey.

One of the beautiful carriages at the fair.

Mikey on one of the more modern additions!

One of the lovely steam engines powering the rides!

On Easter Sunday we went to visit Dene's family. The children did an Easter egg hunt and we had a lovely lunch cooked by Dene's mum, Michelle. Dene and I made an Easter themed cake together, we love to bake and cook together!

Our Easter cake.

The lovely table filled with treats at Dene's family's house.

Pretty little Easter cupcakes decorated by the twins.

On the Monday we caught up with all of the housework and gardening we would usually do on the weekend, then we went for a walk. We went to Wimpole Estate and took a walk around the grounds, we met this little fellow on the way!

We bought ourself a cake from the shop at Wimpole and had some with a nice cup of tea when we got home.

We've just finished another week of work and I am going out with all my friends from work tonight to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I've just got home and I managed to pick up these beautiful carnations for 69p on my way. I love to always have flowers on the dining table. So all is well, looking forward to a relaxed weekend at home with Dene.

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